Well Done Lady Mariposa!

Oysters are not usually seen in IRC handicap events and we’re delighted that the owner of Oyster 625 Lady Mariposa continues to take part in many RORC events. In this years predominantly light airs Fastnet Race, Lady Mariposa finished a very well deserved 20th in IRC class 1, with a Swan 45 just ahead of her in 19th and one right behind in 21st!  A great result.

As another reference point, Oyster CEO David Tydeman noted that he regularly races with the previous RORC Commodore on his custom one-off Ker 39 “Erivale” - Lady Mariposa beat Erivale on the water, finishing just over an hour ahead of her, with Erivale in 9th on corrected time and other lightweight Ker 40’s in 12th, 14th and 15th – well done Lady Mariposa!