Southampton, September 11 2015

Since the sinking of the yacht “Polina Star III” on July 4th after the crew safely abandoned the vessel on the July 3rd, Oyster Marine has worked tirelessly with a panel of independent experts to establish how such an event could have occurred. We remain as dismayed by this event as the Owner and are working with him, his insurers and Spanish Authorities, as best we are able, with the recovery of the hull and keel.

Following the salvage operation, which we understand is scheduled in the coming weeks, we hope to be able to conclude the investigation and establish the cause. There has been some speculation about the loss, but we wish to respect the Owner’s interests and believe it would be unhelpful to comment further at this stage.

As safety is a number one priority for Oyster Marine, our independent experts have thoroughly inspected and investigated the two Oyster 825 yachts on the water, which between them have covered more than 10,000 nautical miles, and also the 825s under construction. They have helped us to verify that the structural design configuration, unique to the Oyster 825s, yet commonly used in luxury yacht design, has appropriate safety factors built in and we are now completely confident that the yachts on the water and in build are safe and totally seaworthy.

Owners of all Oyster yachts can rely on more than 42 years of safe build with nearly 1000 yachts delivered over this period.
David Tydeman, Chief Executive