Sail to Win or Just Sail Smarter

For many years Oyster Yachts has enjoyed a successful partnership with marine electronics specialists Raymarine, with many of its custom-built yachts specified with award-winning Raymarine products on board.

Raymarine are also renowned for their world-leading technical advice, support, service and warranty available to all Oyster owners.

The preferred supplier agreement between the two brands enables both organisations’ product development teams to work together to produce the electronics, navigation, communication and safety equipment systems, specified by discerning owners of Oyster’s sophisticated and masterfully designed yachts.

Raymarine’s lastest LightHouse II Release 14 software, introduces a range of new sail-specific tools and features. These are compatible with all current Raymarine Multifunction displays, enabling  Oyster’s range of yachts to benefit from this latest software technology.

For those owners who frequent the Oyster regattas or Superyacht racing circuits, the new software will act as your sailing coach by showing you where the start line is, how long to go to the start, when to tack, which direction to round the mark - all clearly laid out on the Raymarine MFD display.

Owners can also use the polar import option to produce customized dynamic lay lines, allowing for ease to check speed and for getting optimum performance from your yacht. These tools can also be utilized when cruising using the dynamic lay lines, with leeway and tide effect, to clear that headland and make your way into port.

To make sure you are getting the most from your Raymarine Multifunction display, Oyster owners are invited to download LightHouse II Release 14 software from the Raymarine website: