Oyster Joins Clean Regattas Movement With 2018 Palma Regatta

Last month we joined the urgent race to restore ocean health with our Oyster for a Cleaner Ocean campaign. To ensure our Palma Regatta fitted the bill we signed up to the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas programme - the world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events. We are so proud to announce that our Oyster Regatta Palma achieved Bronze level Clean Regatta certification. We also fought to reduce the use of single-use plastics through a collaboration with Cleanwave, who provided us with water refill stations on the docks. All in all, it was a very environmentally conscious-event; we hope it will be the first of many Oyster Clean Regattas.

What is the Clean Regattas programme?

The Sailors for the Seas Clean Regattas programme offers support and resources to help sailors protect the ocean during on-the-water events. The association creates strong sustainability plans for regattas, rallies and cruises, helping organisers to meet realistic green goals.

Collaborating with their team, our 2018 Oyster Palma Regatta planners worked to meet the Sailors for the Seas best practices for minimising the environmental impact of the event.This included reducing our single-use plastic consumption, asking the fleet to clean boats with water where possible (as deck soaps can contain harmful chemicals) and encouraging them to recycle all waste. Each participating boat was invited to sign up to the Clean Regattas programme to show their support.

Why is Oyster joining the Clean Regattas movement now?

There is no avoiding the fact that the ocean is in crisis, with plastic waste threatening not only marine life but also our health for generations to come. The Palma Regatta was the first organised by new custodian of Oyster Yachts Richard Hadida, and as part of the new-format regatta announced in August the team wanted to show their commitment to the restoring ocean health. We wanted to host a regatta that was both extremely enjoyable for our fleet and environmentally aware. We decided that the best way to do this was to sign up to the Sailors for the Sea's Clean Regattas programme.  

How successful was the Oyster for a Cleaner Ocean campaign overall?

We significantly reduced the use of single-use plastics and drinking bottles at this year’s Oyster Regatta Palma. 27 of the participating yachts were vocally supportive of our efforts to reduce single-use plastic, and owners and crews either brought their own reusable bottles or used our Oyster eco-friendly stainless steel flasks. In order to make sure there was a ready supply of clean water when the sailors got to the docks, we installed refill stations provided by the Cleanwave movement. What’s more, all caterers for the lunches and evening events completely avoided using single-use plastics, rising to the challenge of finding eco-friendly alternatives.

After the event, we were delighted to find out that the Palma Regatta received a Bronze level Clean Regatta certification, meaning that we achieved 7 or more of the Sailors for the Seas best practices. Crew Coordinator Charlie Dunham expressed Oyster’s ongoing commitment to the Clean Regattas programme, saying: "We hope to achieve Gold level Clean regatta status one day but this year are happy to have started the ball rolling with Bronze. We are already working towards a second Clean Regatta in Antigua next spring.”

Thank you to our Oyster Palma Regatta eco-sponsors

It was a collaborative effort to drive our Oyster for a Cleaner Ocean campaign, and we couldn’t have done it without our two sponsors. We are very grateful to The Islander magazine, who  sponsored our water-filling stations on the docks in Palma and Andratx. We also want to say a big thanks to Dolphin Sails, who provided insulated water bottle covers, cleverly designed to stop the metal bottles rolling around the decks. Your contributions helped us achieve our Clean Regatta status.

We had an amazing Oyster Palma Regatta 2018, and look forward to organising more eco-conscious events in the future.