Oyster 118 move from Daedalus

The first Oyster 118 moved from Oyster's moulding yard in HMS Daedalus, Lee on Solent to the Oyster shipyard in Southampton at the end of October. A major logistics challenge involving the 'Blade Runner' barge, a 100 tonne & a 750 tonne huge crane on the shingle beach and some holding of breath as the 26 tonne composite hull was swung 45 metres out into the Solent for its 15 mile sea voyage around to the shipyard. 

The first job was to place the hull on to its 46 tonne cast lead keel before settling in for the next 15 months of fit-out.

The largest Oyster ever built in the UK, this flagship is a successful follow up to the Oyster 100 & 125 built in Turkey between 2008 and 2013.

The contract for 118-02 has been issued and negotiations are in deep discussion.  

We would like to thank Blade Runner Shipping, Green Marine and the Oyster team for their assistance.

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Photo by Mike Jones, Waterline Media