18 Oysters set to take part in the ARC, three of whom are doing the ARC+ too!

Preparations for the 30th annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), which starts on Sunday 22 November, are well underway with a strong line up of 266 participating boats. Once again, Oyster has an impressive fleet of 18 yachts gathering in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Three of the 18 Oyster yachts – Nikitoo II, Oyster 54, Shelena, Oyster 545 & Spirit, Oyster 575 - departed on 08 November to do the ARC+ which goes via Cape Verde.

Topping the table on customer service, the Oyster support team has arrived and will be checking and servicing systems and kit to assist owners and crew to make the 2,700 nautical mile journey to Rodney Bay, St Lucia. 

The Oyster Owners’ party will be held at the Santa Catalina Hotel, Las Palmas just before the ARC departure - a great way for these Oyster crews to get to know one another before they keep in daily contact with each other on the radio and online during the crossing to the Caribbean.

The majority of ARC+ boats will arrive in Rodney Bay between 29 November - 03 December, with the official finish line closing on 08 December, followed by the prize giving ceremony on 09 December. 
The ARC official finish line will close on 18 December with the prize giving on 19 December.

Full details of this year’s events can be found on the World Cruising website and you can follow the fleet’s progress via YellowBrick tracking. 

Fair winds and sail safe to all those who take part!

Oyster ARC Entries 2015
Blew Beyond Oyster 49 Pilot House
Crackerjack Oyster 53
Nikitoo II Oyster 54
Shelena Oyster 545
Aliena Oyster 56
Britican Oyster 56
El Mundo Oyster 56
Into The Blue of Lowestoft Oyster 56
Raya Oyster 56
Isabel Oyster 575
Spirit Oyster 575
Dalliance Oyster 62
Alpha Eden Island Oyster 625
Delicia Oyster 625
Marlene F Oyster 66
Albatros Oyster 825
Maegan Oyster 825
Scarlet Oyster Oyster Lightwave 4