Winter 2017 // Issue 80

News From The World Of Oyster: an update on the Oyster World Rally 2017-2019 // In Build: Design & Technical Innovations // BVI, Palma and Bermuda regattas // Get inspired by the real-life stories of our owners' adventures.

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Pearl of the Pacific - Ocean Magazine

Many boat owners, despite their best intentions, never find the time to spend more thank the odd weekend on the water. Others buck the trend and commit to the dream of a lifetime. What is it like to live onboard for a two-year lap around the entire world?

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Yacht Russia - Oyster 475

Oyster 475 Review. 

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Sailing Today - Oyster 675

As she hit the water, Sam Fortescue tested Oyster’s awardwinning new 675 and found a new standard in luxury.

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