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From the moment you and your family step aboard Firebird, you will be immersed in a world of tranquil luxury, her crew are there to cater for all your needs, and to provide an exceptional level of service, ensuring you have the best possible charter experience. Whether a seasoned sailor looking to get some more miles under your belt at the helm or you are looking for a quiet anchorage to lunch and swim away the day, the options truly are endless. Firebird is setup to effortlessly accommodate your summer charter, whatever floats your boat,versatile enough to develop a programme focused on mastering the bends of Jugo around headlands under spinnaker, or indulge in the fascinating history of the region. Trek and climb some of the most breathtaking trails and cliffs of Southern Europe, or dive the endless caves of Zakyntos and the wreck of Taranto or a little bit of everything - Firebird knows the best secluded anchorages and right times to arrive at vibrant town quays for you to leave full of emotions and memories of your tailor made holiday charter.

During the winter season Firebird will be located in Norway offering Ski & Sail Adventures. Lyngen Alps of Northern Norway has been consistently voted one of the best off-piste skiing destinations in the world. Arctic Norway is a unique winter paradise, from catching panoramic glimpses of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and whale watching to ice climbing, with routes catering to anyone from rookies to seasoned mountaineers. As the polar night starts to recess in late February the sail and ski season begins. A complete ban on helicopter and snowmobile-assisted accents ensures tranquility and pristine powder, and numerous ski touring routes, more than a 100 of which are marked and well defined in local guide books, cater for skiers and riders of all levels and abilities. Located well inside the Arctic circle this unique nature’s playground offers guaranteed skiing until mid May.

Visit http://firebird-yachting.com for more details on this exciting adventure.

Available dates for Ski and Sail holidays :
1 April to 15 May 2018

Ollie Essex - Captain

Ollie originates from Suffolk, UK and first found his sea legs in a dinghy as a 5 year old and his land legs on a rugby pitch at school, he spent his teenage years as captain of the rugby team and as a racing endorsed dinghy instructor. Having left the rugby field behind to pursue his love for sailing Ollie gained work experience as a Watch Leader on a 42m classic SuperYacht in Monaco before returning to the UK.

Ollie’s sailing career really took off when he was hand selected as one of fifteen sailors from the UK, under 24 years of age, to be part of the British Keelboat Academy. Here Ollie was on a national squad, receiving coaching from some of the top grand prix sailors in the world, igniting his passion for yacht racing. Whilst training at the academy Ollie started working for Oyster yachts in Ipswich as a commissioning skipper. Here he developed his skills in boat maintenance which together with his method of safe practice and customer relations allows guests to sit back and relax with peace of mind during their time on board. 

Ollie has sailed over 50000 NM including 4 transatlantic crossings and holds his commercially endorsed Yacht Master Ocean qualification and STCW10.

Mel White - Chef/Stew

Mel, also from Suffolk, caught the sailing bug from Ollie when she joined him for a delivery trip on an Oyster yacht from Ipswich to St Katherine’s dock in London. Having achieved an Honours degree in Chemistry, Mel left her day job in the office as a scientific publishing editor and swapped cooking up potions in the lab for cooking up delights in the galley.  After acquiring her STCW10 she joined Ollie to work on the water and gained experience sailing on the East Coast of England and UK and the much more tranquil surroundings of the British Virgin Islands and the Mediterranean. After gaining some additional training at Ashburton cookery school in the UK and the Crew Academy in Nice, Mel’s hostessing and culinary skills were further developed complimenting her natural hospitality and love for baking.

As well as yachting, Mel has a great love for yoga and is a fully qualified instructor. Expect as much yoga as you would like on board or on the beach as she is always itching to get on the mat and pass on her knowledge and energy to others. Mel has experience in teaching clients of all ages and enjoys guiding both beginners and experienced guests through their yoga practice.

Ollie and Mel are joined by a third mate to provide quality service aboard Firebird.