SYS Projects


Following her arrival in Southampton in May 2015; when works began immediately with preparations for the paint work and the removal of the teak decks. The objective of the exercise was to reinvigorate that ‘new yacht’ finish to a vessel that has seen some seriously extensive cruising and racing since her initial launch in 2003, combined with upgrading a number of the ship’s systems. Cosmetically, this came in the form of new teak decks, expertly laid by the shipwrights at SYS, an area in which they boast considerable experience, along with a new topside paint job, retaining the regal dark blue finish that Sojana is known for. Internally, the living spaces received a minor face lift, with works being done to her existing dark mahogany joinery followed by a complete re-varnish in a satin finish. The interior reflects an age of traditional yachting, but the owner also took the opportunity to update the interior upholstery, resulting in a revitalised fresh look for the interior, whilst still retaining the same timeless quality feel it has always enjoyed.

In addition, particular attention was paid to updates in the galley and captain’s quarters which saw the most work done, a testament to the original design and layout as most areas remained unchanged.

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