SYS Projects


Refitted by Southampton Yacht Services Ltd in 1987.
Length Overall: 108ft(33m)
Beam: 19ft(5.9m)
Displacement: 161tonnes
Draft: 13ft(4.2m)

Altair is a gaff-rigged schooner which was designed and built by William Fife, and launched in 1931. In the spring of 1986, SYS undertook a sympathetic and painstaking restoration which included a new plywood and teak-laid deck, completely new plumbing and electrical systems, extensive hull repairs, many re-cast bronze deck fittings and a new Gardner diesel engine.

This work will ensure that Altair will live long into the 21st century as a unique example of the type and quality of materials and workmanship which were considered standard in the early 20th century.

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