Alinda V

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Alinda V

Major refit by Southampton Yacht Services Ltd over the winter of 2009/10

Length on deck 78ft (23.8m)
Length overall 93ft 10ins (28.6m)
Beam 17ft (5.2m)
Draft 11ft (3.3m)
Displacement 72 tonnes

Alinda V is a Classic ketch designed by Alfred Mylne and built in 1934 at Alexander Stephens and Son in Glasgow. She returned from Greece where she has been for some 50 years under the same crew for an extensive refit including machinery systems, hull structure deck fittings and rig.

At the same time the opportunity was taken to slightly modify the interior layout, original details and European Oak were used to maintain the period and style and appearance. The engine room and tank spaces were scanned to produce a 3D model for the design team to draw up a full layout and installation plan for the new machinery.

Alinda V appeared in Volume 6 Issue 2 of Super Yacht Industry magazine, click here to read the article >>

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