Yachting World - Oyster 675 On Test

When it comes to series-building large cruisers, Oyster Yachts is the undisputed world leader. 

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Asia Pacific Boating

The British may have a reputation for reserve and restraint, but beneath this there’s often a cunning stealth.

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Floating Asset

Heading back from our Private Viewing at St Katharine Docks in London, Reina, the first new Oyster 825, reveled in the frisky conditions, making a swift 28-hour passage before final handover...

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Yachting Magazine Issue #73

Великолепный крейсерско-гоночный шлюп Twilight, спроектированный Эдом Дюбуа, стал флагманом и гордостью верфи Oyster Marine.

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Floating Asset

Over the course of 40 years, Oyster Yachts has earned a deserved reputation for delivering some of the world's finest bluewater cruisers.

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Floating Asset

One of the big success stories in the yachting world over the past year has been the Oyster 885 Deck Saloon, one of the larger yachts in the Oyster Yachts fleet. 

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Asia Pacific Boating

A passage between Palma and Porto Cervo aboard Oyster Marine's new flagship, the 885, proved that performance cruising just gets better and better.

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Boat International

As the year matures the market celebrates a healthy sales tally led by mid-sized superyachts. We ask insiders for their views and experiences

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Blue Water Sailing

The Oyster 54 offers true blue water capabilities in a cruising boat that will make a great couple's floating home.

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Set to launch in late 2015, an all-new Oyster 745 will replace the UK yard's successful run of Oyster 72/725 models, with an impressive 16 built.

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Classic Boat

He sailed her in a blazer as a boy, now she's found again and restored. Dan Houston meets Sea Lion's new owner.

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Superyacht Industry

Major refit by Southampton Yacht Services Ltd over the winter of 2009/10. Alinda V is a Classic ketch.

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