Two new Oysters show their paces in Race One of the Superyacht Cup

At the Skippers’ briefing of the 2015 Superyacht Cup regatta (17-20 June, Palma), the event organisers welcomed the 21 yachts entered this year and highlighted the 7 yachts entering for the first time. Two of these yachts have just been launched by Oyster in May this year and have arrived here to race still taking the wrappings off the shiny new sails and new equipment. Barely settled in after their maiden voyages, there was great interest in how they would perform in what turned out to be a four hour race of champagne sailing in clear skies, 15 knots of wind and flat water across the Bay of Palma.

Maegan – Oyster 825-03 – settled in fastest securing a well-deserved 3rd place, just 90 seconds behind the 15 year old 110ft ketch Blue Too, built in New Zealand by Alloy Yachts. In first on corrected time (but 11 minutes slower than Meagan on the water!) was the 400 tonnes, 150ft, 4 year old Perini, Clan VIII, just a couple of minutes ahead of Blue Too – all very close, very exciting and particularly pleasing for Klaas Meertens – one of Oyster’s shareholders, who steered the race from start to finish, a great amateur result in this regatta awash with pro-sailors!

Only about 6 minutes behind on handicap, Oyster 885-04 Guardian Angel also had a great race. Starting 8 minutes behind Maegan with the organisers using individual starting sequences, the finish was really exciting with Guardian Angel just 50 metres behind Maegan on the water – almost  a photo finish for these two new Oysters on their first day racing in this great regatta, both steered by their owners.

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