Build Begins for New Oyster 118

Following announcement to the world’s press in March, the new Oyster 118 is now in tooling.

The largest Oyster yet drawn in our longstanding special partnership with Humphreys Yacht Design, this new world class superyacht has grown out of the initially planned Oyster 115. Drawing on all that one would expect of such a super-sized Oyster, the 35 metre Oyster 118 introduces great new innovations, too.

Oyster CEO David Tydeman says of this new generation superyacht, “We have been working for nearly three years developing the specification and design. We’re really proud now to announce the contract to start work… and particularly delighted to build the new Oyster 118 in Britain at our own Southampton facility where we have long experience and involvement in superyacht custom work. Within the Oyster Group here we have Southampton Yacht Services who have worked extensively on the likes of Leopard, Hetairos, Mari-Cha III and the famous Fife classic, Cambria. This is, of course, also, where we build our Oysters 825 and 885.

“For this new project we are creating female tooling and additional construction facilities to enable building the second Oyster 118 overlapping with the first, such that we can produce up to four of this new addition to our range before summer 2020."

Destined equally for world exploration, A-list quay-siding and regatta racing, the Oyster 118 sports a new sedan style hard top bimini linking inside and out and creating huge entertaining space, while detail design engineering introduces an intriguing, disappearing single point mainsheet system and such new devices as a concealed gullwing door in the deck and superstructure sides.

With construction to demanding DNV classification and MCA LY3 coding, specification and engineering is to very particular standards and guest accommodation provides an astonishing 700m3 interior volume with big scope for personalisation of the accommodation for up to 12 guests in six suites supported by a crew of six.

Launch of the first Oyster 118 is anticipated for December 2017 before sea trialling in the Solent and a spring ’18 handover. To read more click here

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