14 - 17 September 2017

Newport Brokerage Boat Show 2017


At the 47th Annual Newport Brokerage Boat Show, Newport Shipyard, we will be showing the Oyster 655, Proteus and Oyster 82, Ravenous II.  

Please note: The Newport Brokerage Show takes place during the same time as the International Boat Show but is a separate event and held at nearby Newport Shipyard. There is a water taxi available between the two shows. 

All yachts on display will be open to the public, however during busy periods we will operate an appointment system. If you wish to book a specific time to speak with a member of our sales team please contact us. 

For information on any of our yachts available in the Oyster fleet from 47 to 118 feet, please call our sales team T: +1 401 846 7400  E:

For more information on the Newport international Show please click here and for more information on the Brokerage Show please click here.

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